Kathryn Stroppel

Strategic storyteller

Corvallis, Oregon

Kathryn Stroppel

I believe in the power of words. Of a story well told.
I bring my communications expertise to bear on the things I love.

These days, that's health, higher education, disability awareness

and my personal favorite - wine.



PHHS alumnae work to improve health, diversity

At the same time 11-year-old Charlene McGee and her family left their homeland of Liberia in the midst of a civil war, 8-year-old Olivia Quiroz left Mexico City with hers. When they arrived at Oregon State University in the early 2000s, they felt the void left by far-flung family and community.
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For the greater good; college welcomes new dean

F. Javier Nieto, MD, PhD, MPH, MHS, a leading epidemiologist and population health expert, brings more than 30 years of expertise and passion for public health to the CPHHS, which became Oregon’s first nationally accredited college of public health in 2014.
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High spirited alum distills passion for purpose

A distiller as unique as her spirits, Caitlin Prueitt was the Willamette Valley’s first woman distillery owner and one of only five in the nation when she launched Vivacity Fine Spirits in December 2011. Fifteen years earlier, she might not have believed it.
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OMT challenges at the heart of a profession

Why aren’t larger numbers of osteopathic physicians using osteopathic manipulative treatment? Are osteopathic educators doing enough to educate students in OMT so that they use it in their practice? So that patients understand its value? Is there enough research to support its continuation in the world of evidence-based medicine? What is the profession without it?
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A Degree of Difference

Profiles of outstanding NYIT College of Osteopathic Medicine alumni
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Be still my beating heart

It can happen when you're scared. Or after that second or third cup of coffee. Some people even say it happens when you're in love. It's that fluttery flip-flop in your chest known as heart palpitations. When should you worry?
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BJC HealthCare leverages power of community to tell its story, improve healthcare

Tapping into constituents in the community, locally and around the world, to leverage a mass assembly for solutions, ideas and inspiration, is the cornerstone of the health system's new brand strategy and positioning statement: ''BJc. The world's best medicine. Made better.
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What is a D.O.?

In this award winning video, ATSU doctors and students answer "What is a D.O.?"
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Sedalia boy makes medical history in mid-Missouri

Twelve-year-old Colin Freeman has played on baseball teams since grade school, which was good practice for the activity that surrounded him last May when he became part of the most important team of his life. The team gathered not on a baseball diamond but in an operating room at the University of Missouri Health Sciences Center, where pediatric neurosurgeon Dr. David Jimenez prepared to remove a cherry-sized tumor from Freeman's brain - while Freeman was awake.
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Mini medical school for adults provides comunity outreach

Bryn Mawr Hospital, a Main Line Health system facility, offered its community a behind-the-scenes look into its everyday operations. The result was a better informed community and new advocates for the hospital.
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These boots are made for walking

The self-proclaimed Imelda Marcos of cowboy boots, Associate Professor Maria Evans, M.D., has worn purple cowboy boots at KCOM commencement since her first in 2001. At last count, her collection contains 15 pairs of boots, including a complete set of colors for the liturgical church calendar – blue, white, purple, red, and green – in exotic leathers such as snakeskin, alligator, and ostrich.
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Coping with secondary infertility

More than 1.4 million couples each year experience secondary infertility, the inability to achieve a pregnancy despite having experienced one in the past. The causes of secondary infertility can range from ovulatory disorders to male reproduction problems to diseases such as endometriosis.
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Kathryn Stroppel

I'm a former journalist and an award-winning health communications professional with expertise in pr, marketing, branding, writing/editing, social media and strategic communication. I'm currently the director of communications and marketing for Oregon State University's College of Public Health and Human Sciences.

My experience ranges from newspapers, to associations, to medical schools, to hospitals and health systems, and to higher education.

I'm adaptable, able to communicate complex concepts and can translate healthcare and higher ed jargon. I bring flexibility, creativity and enthusiasm to every job and enjoy mentoring students to help them grow professionally.

In my spare time, I love exploring Oregon and the Pacific Northwest, especially wine country. I also like hiking and camping with my wildlife biologist husband and son and daughter.

My son, who has epilepsy, is on the autism spectrum and confounds his physicians, not only physiologically and biologically, but also with his happy spirit and big heart.

Being on the other side of the healthcare experience, from diagnosis to navigating the healthcare system and living with a chronic condition, has been the most challenging experience of my life. Through it, our family has developed superpowers of love, acceptance, optimism, gratitude and taking one day at a time.

Personally and professionally, I put heart and passion into everything I do, work hard and keep learning. Simply put, I'm a maker, and creating makes me happy.



  • Getting to the heart of it
  • Cutting to the chase
  • Strategic communication
  • Adobe design products
  • Social media
  • Editing
  • Writing
  • Marketing
  • PR
  • Publications
  • Speechwriting
  • Effective presentations
  • Event planning
  • Leadership
  • Branding
  • Health care industry
  • Higher ed